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YES Super Postpaid Plan (No Device)

You can sign-up for a Super Postpaid plan without a contract. If you already have a Yes device, you can sign up for our naked Super Postpaid Plans, without a device. Choose any plan below:

Sign up for any of the 5 Super Postpaid Plans below and we will waive the activation fees! Experience much more than amazing 4G speeds when you subscribe to Yes.

Plan Only  48  68  98  128  158
Speed Peak speeds up to 20 Mbps. No charges after exceeding quota.

RM48 / month

(RM50.88 w/ GST)

RM68 / month

(RM72.08 w/ GST)

RM98 / month

(RM103.88 w/ GST)

RM128 / month

(RM135.68 w/ GST)

RM158 / month

(RM167.48 w/ GST)
Monthly Data Quota 2GB 4GB 6GB 8GB 10GB
Activation Fee RM100 Waive
Plan Advance Payment 1 x monthly commitment fee
Monthly Rebate 24 x 2 months 34 x 2 months 49 x 2 months 64 x 2 months 79 x 2 months
Free Yes-toYes Monthly Calls & SMS 1,000 mins calls + 1,000 SMS*** 2,000 mins calls + 2,000 SMS***
*** Download free Yes Life app to enjoy free talk time and SMS. Free calls/SMS are applicable for Yes-to-Yes network only. Calls/SMS to other networks are chargeable at RM0.09 per min/SMS (RM0.10 with GST).