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Create A New Subscription

From the main screen, click on Create New Subscription button. This is accessible only by subscriber user.

Fill in Subscription information and basic Company information. Check on “I agree with AutoCount Payroll’s Service Fees & Invoice Calculations” then click on Save button.

Check on “Create Additional Demo Company” for 1 month free trial. This Company is free to use for a period of 30 days. After trial period, if user decided to use AutoCount Cloud Payroll, he/she can convert trial data to Live database to avoid database to be deleted after trial period.

Subscription Type: Select Pay As You Go to start subscribe AutoCount Cloud Payroll

Subscription Name: Key in your subscription name, it can be a combination of name/company name and subscribed package. 1 subscription may have multiple companies. You shall be billed according to volume used per subscription.

Dealer Code: Enter dealer code MYON6206. This will be servicing dealer indicates the authorized dealer who will invoice and providing support.

Package: By default Premium package will be selected, you may click on the button to change to Basic package. Refer to AutoCount Cloud Payroll Packages Comparison.

E-leave: Click to include (On) or exclude (Off) E-Leave module in this subscription. E-Leave allows employee users to apply leave and check leave status via employee portal.

E-Claim: Click to include (On) or exclude (Off) E-Claim module in this subscription. E-Claim allows employee users to submit claims and check status via employee portal.

For every new company created, First Time Setup Wizard will prompt to guide you. Continue to setup new company under the subscription. Fill in information in step 1 to step 6. If you skip this wizard, you may Create New Company later.

Fill in company profile, then click on Save & Continue button.

Step 1 – Company Profile

Bank account will be needed for making payment via Electronic bank transfer. After fill in the row, click Save icon.

Step 2 – Bank Account

Bank: Select a bank from the list.

Account Number: Fill in Bank account number of the selected bank.

State: Select the State branch of the selected bank.

Next you maintain allowance codes and their contribution setting. Commonly used allowance types are preset by the system, you allow to edit and delete. This setting will be used in Employee Maintenance and Payroll Processor.

Step 3 – Allowance

You may maintain deduction codes and their contribution setting. This setting will be used in Employee Maintenance and Payroll Processor.

Step 4 – Deduction

In calendar setting, you set state holidays and rest days for current year. This setting will be used in Employee Maintenance and Branch Maintenance.

Step 5 – Calendar Setting

Check: Check the checkbox and click on Apply to insert into calendar.

Month: The rest day setting applicable to Every Month, Odd Month or Even Month.

Week Day: Select a fixed day of a week to be rest day. If more than 1 Rest day in a week, use another row.

Day Type: Full Day: a full rest day. AM: rest day falls on the first half day PM: rest day falls on the second half day.

Next the wizard allows to batch import your employee’s data. Click to Download to download the excel template. After fill in employee’s data in template, save and click Select file to upload import the template. You may skip this step and do it later in Option Maintenance.

Step 5 – Import Employee

You have successfully completed your setup. Now you can run the payroll process.

First Time Setup Completed

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