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Mistake on 500Mbps Unifi plan, option to revert plan without penalty

TM has announced yesterday that it will allow new 500Mbps Unifi subscribers to terminate their subscription without any penalty charges. The cancellation without penalty is provided for new Unifi customers under the 30-day “Try Me” campaign and it’s applicable for those that have signed up from the 24th of August 2020.

For existing Unifi customers that have recently switched to the new 500Mbps plan, TM has told us that customers will get the option to revert to their previous plan without penalty. This means if you’ve recently upgraded to 500Mbps from the 30Mbps, 100Mbps or 300Mbps plan, you can downgrade with no extra charge.

TM insists that the actual speed for Unifi 500Mbps plan is 100Mbps, and the earlier 200Mbps upload speed was a mistake. The 500Mbps plan was revealed on their website, FAQ and leaflet on the 24th of August, and the correction was only made on the 2nd of September 2020. TM says they will be contacting affected 500Mbps customers starting today to explain about the mistake and options available.

For subscribers that wish to terminate, do note that you must give TM a 30-day notice through their customer service channels. Once you have received an SMS notification, you must return the equipment at TMpoint to avoid any late charges. If you fail to return the device, there will be a penalty of RM500. You can read the full Unifi FAQ here.

On Saturday, the MCMC has revealed that it has launched an investigation on TM and they have found several elements that infringe consumer rights. MCMC assures that the investigation will be done in a transparent and fair manner, and they will not hesitate to take action against the provider.

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