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Maxis doubles free data quota upgrade for Hotlink Postpaid plans

Maxis has finally upgraded its Hotlink Postpaid plans with up to 2x the data than before. Several postpaid users have received an SMS about the free quota upgrade yesterday.

With the new revision, the base Postpaid 30 plan at RM30/month now comes with a total of 2GB of data which consists of 1GB of high-speed data and 1GB of YouTube data. Meanwhile, the Postpaid 40 (formerly known as Postpaid 30 with more data) at RM40/month is now upgraded with 8GB of high-speed data + 8GB of YouTube data.

New Hotlink Postpaid Plan
New Postpaid Plan

The highest Postpaid 60 plan at RM60/month now gets 15GB of high-speed data + 15GB of YouTube data. As usual, you also get unlimited calls and SMS to all networks for all three options.

To summarise, the base plan gets an extra 1GB for YouTube while the RM40 option is offered with 3GB of extra data for all usage and 5GB of extra YouTube quota. If you’re on the highest plan, essentially you’re only getting 50% extra quota with 5GB extra for both all usage and YouTube. As a reference, below is the previous postpaid offering:

Old Hotlink Postpaid Plan
Previous Postpaid Plan

If you need more data, you can purchase one of the following add-on passes via the postpaid app:

  • 2GB – RM10
  • 1GB – 1 day validity – RM3
  • 3GB – 2 days validity – RM5

Alternative, you can also activate the unlimited apps add-on that starts from RM5/month for the chat package. There’s also the unlimited music and social packs that are going for RM10/month each.

Hotlink Postpaid Unlimited Ad-on

For more info, you can check out the Postpaid page.

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