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TM offers free Unifi Air while you wait for fibre broadband to be installed

While new broadband installations are now permitted throughout the movement control order, they are only permitted in areas where the COVID-19 cases are not positive. TM offers free Unifi Air, a wireless broadband solution that provides instant access, while wait for the installation of its Unifi fiber broadband at home. You can connect your home Unifi Air without additional wiring or wall hacking.

The announcement was made via Unifi’s channels and it is applicable to those that sign up for Unifi Home plan. The free Unifi Air service will be delivered to your doorstep and it will be valid until your fibre broadband is connected. This could mean that TM will collect back the Unifi Air router once your fibre is installed. The offer is somewhat similar to Maxis’ broadband promo during the MCO.

TM Unifi Air promo

Unifi Air typically costs RM79/month and it is tied to a 24-month contract. The plan is typically bundled with a free Huawei B618 4G LTE wireless router and the plan offers unlimited quota. When it was announced, the service is offered as an alternative for Streamyx customers who are staying in areas without fibre coverage.

According to TM, it can provide an average speed of 20Mbps and the router can support up to 64 devices. However, the performance may vary depending on location as it runs on TM’s TDD-LTE network. You can find out if your area is covered here.

At the moment, the free Unifi Air promo isn’t reflected yet on Unifi’s website but we reckon that it should be updated soon.

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