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A first peek at the AppleMac Pro wheels

Recently Apple announced the launch of its flagship machine, the Mac Pro,’s foot- and wheel replacement sets. If you owned a Mac Pro with feet, and wants to “boost mobility,” this one is for you at a very expensive price.

The feet and wheels replacement kits are priced at RM1,199 and RM2,799 respectively, and both are now available to order on Apple’s online store in Malaysia. An early sighting of the replacement wheels have been spotted online, with a user sharing apparent real-life images of the expensive wheels.

Have a look:

The packaging, as expected with an Apple product, looks like it’s packed very well, and the wheels look premium enough. However, Apple warns in the product description that “additional tools” are necessary, which is just the sort of thing you want to hear after spending RM2,799 on a set of simple wheels.

It’s hard to understand what makes these wheels so expensive over a standard set of well built chair wheels, but perhaps it has something to do with the pricing of the super expensive Mac Pro itself.

Not included in the images is a new kit for replacement feet for the Mac Pro, which is priced at RM1,199—almost cheap, in comparison. Plus, everyone remembers the Pro Stand for the Pro Display XDR, meant for use with the Mac Pro. The stand retails for RM4,499, so suppose it’s no surprise that wheels from Apple are this expensive.

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