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New home Internet broadband installation are now allowed throughout the MCO

Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob has announced that works to install an internet connection at residential premises during the MCO is now permitted. This means that customers recently registered for broadband can install their fibre or their fixed broadband at home.

The minister says that the Internet is one of the needs of today and that installations are permitted. He said service provider technicians would notify roadblocks officials that they are on the way to perform the installation in the premises of customers.

When the MCO was imposed, all local telcos are not allowed to perform installations for new customers. Based on MCMC’s guidelines, telcos are only permitted to perform infrastructure works in critical areas such as hospitals, gazetted quarantine zones, government and enforcement agencies.

Maxis has recently launched a new fibre broadband registration offer. While waiting for the fibre to be installed, customers can get free connectivity with unlimited 4G WiFi data. Maxis provides a 4G dongle to connect with the router for a limited period of time.

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