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New Internet broadband installation only allowed in green zones

The government has just announced that new broadband installations are now permitted for residential users as it is considered as an essential service. While this is good news for those who are waiting for their fibre broadband to be installed, it can be tricky if your home address is in a high-risk area.

We received a tip which appears to be new guidelines for TM installers during the movement control order. This covers not only new Unifi installations but also restoration, maintenance and new infrastructure works.

As listed in the guidelines, TM staff and installers are only permitted to enter customer premises if it is located in the green zone as categorised by the Ministry of Health. Before they can enter the premise, a health declaration would be required for both the installer and customer.

The installers are also required to follow the interaction guideline when they meet with customers. Installations in yellow and red zones are not allowed. The restriction by zone level is understandable in order to minimise risk for both staff and customers.

For troubleshooting and restoration efforts, TM staff and installers are also allowed to enter the customer’s premise if it is a green zone. For yellow and red zones, they can only troubleshoot until the Distribution Point (DP). Entering premises in yellow and red zones is only permitted for premises that provide essential and critical services. Alternatively, the CPE installation can be done by the customers themselves.

When it comes to maintenance work, TM staff are allowed to enter customer premises in the green zone. For yellow and red zones, they have to conduct their maintenance work outside the premise unless it is absolutely necessary to enter the home. The guidelines for new infrastructure installations are quite similar as well but for red zones, it depends on the need.

Since the MCO was implemented, new broadband installations were suspended by all fibre broadband providers. According to MCMC’s guidelines, telcos were only able to perform infrastructure work in critical areas only.

With the latest announcement, those that were planning to get fibre broadband or existing customers that require on-site troubleshooting by technicians will be able to do so provided that the address falls under the permitted zone levels.

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