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The forthcoming macOS update of Apple will help prolong the battery life of your MacBook

Apple revealed that it will prolong the lifespan of their MacBook batteries with a new feature, called ‘Battery Health Management’. This is targeted as part of a new macOS Catalina 10.15.5 upgrade that will become available later this year.

‘Battery Health Management’ is intended to extend the overall lifespan of a MacBook battery by reducing the rate of chemical ageing. It does so by not charging the battery all the way up to the maximum in certain cases.

Some phones now avoid charging all the way to 100 percent until just before you wake up for this reason, as fully charging a battery puts more strain on it that can reduce its longevity over time. That’s especially important, as MacBook batteries are not user-replaceable.

If you’re a MacBook user who tends to have their laptop plugged in nearly all the time, keeping your battery at 100 percent charge all the time could shorten its lifespan. However, Apple also adds that there are a variety of factors that could also be a reason to a change in your laptop’s battery health management, which includes ambient temperature, processor loads, and charging patterns.

Once you install the macOS 10.15.5 update, the ‘Battery Health Management’ feature will be enabled by default. But you’ll also be able to toggle it off through Catalina’s System Preferences menu.

Apple’s recent announcements also include a new and more affordable MacBook Air, and a new and more affordable iPhone SE. The company also plans to host an online presentation for new announcements and previews for what’s next.

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