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Asus and Acer offer free warranty extensions during MCO period

Asus and Acer are both offering warranty extensions since service centres are still not allowed to open as we start the third phase of MCO. They join several other companies that are already offering extensions, including car manufacturers and phone brands like Samsung.


Acer stated on their Facebook page that they will continue to honour the warranty for all Acer and Predator devices expiring during MCO. You are also entitled to an extension of 60 days once the MCO is lifted.


In Asus’ case, they are extending all Asus product warranties for an additional 30 days if your warranty expires during MCO, and it shall be effective immediately once after the MCO is lifted.

It was previously reported that IT support had not been included in the list of industries allowed to operate during the third phase of the MCO. Whereas most hardware stores, the automotive industry and social health services would need to submit an application online to keep open.

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