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You will soon find COVID-19 testing locations on Apple Maps

Apple Maps will soon display COVID-19 testing sites directly through the application. It will be able to show information like the place name, the associated healthcare provider, contact phone number and website. It will also show information about the type of testing location (laboratory, hospital, etc) and the nature of the site (drive-through, parking lot, or building).

In order to get the correct locations, Apple has launched an online portal for hospitals, healthcare providers and businesses to register as a COVID-19 testing location. Apple will then review the application and when approved, the location will start appearing on Apple Maps.

Apple is also asking the applicants to state if the site will require a ‘referral’. A ‘referral’ banner can advise users if they need to schedule an appointment before turning up for COVID-19 testing, or whether a doctor’s note is needed. The testing locations will appear with a red medical glyph icon and a special banner in the Apple Maps card.

So far, no hospital in the Klang Valley has the red medical glyph icon yet, but you can still easily find a health care centre nearby your location through the app by searching for ‘hospital’ or ‘clinic’. You can also click here to find more info on where you can get tested for COVID-19 in Malaysia.

It was reported previously that Apple and Google announced a collaboration to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 by developing a contact tracing platform that uses Bluetooth technology. The new efforts will help governments and health agencies worldwide during the pandemic.

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