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Maxis provides free 4G Internet Wi-Fi before the Broadband Fiber is activated

At the moment, new fibre broadband installations are not permitted during the Movement Control Order. However, Maxis has introduced a new initiative, which allows you to stay connected for free while waiting for the fibre installation.

From today, 13th April 2020 onwards, Maxis is offering new home fibre broadband customers free unlimited 4G WiFi and you can use it with no payment charges until the fibre is connected to your home. This is offered across all of its Maxis Home Fibre plans which starts from RM89/month.

How this works is after your application is successful, they will courier over a WiFi router, a USB dongle and a SIM card that provides unlimited 4G data access. Although the fibre connection is not installed, your WiFi Router will use the 4G dongle to provide connectivity for your home. This is a similar solution as MaxisOne Prime where it has a 4G LTE connection as a backup and it is only used when the fibre connection goes down.

Below is the current Maxis fibre broadband options and they are tied with a 24-month contract:

Fibre 30Mbps (30Mbps DL, 30Mbps UL) – RM89/month
Fibre 100Mbps (100Mbps DL, 50Mbps UL) – RM129/month
Fibre 300Mbps (300Mbps DL, 50Mbps UL) – RM149/month
Fibre 500Mbps (500Mbps DL, 100Mbps UL) – RM219/month
Fibre 800Mbps (800Mbps DL, 200MBps UL) – RM299/month

The FAQ also states that customers can enjoy the pre-installation internet promo until the successful connection of fibre which should not be more than 2 months. This is promo is applicable to both non-Maxis and exiting Maxis postpaid customers.

We are told that after your fibre connection is installed, they will take back the 4G dongle. However, if you’re an existing MaxisOne postpaid customer, you can keep the dongle as it is bundled as part of the MaxisOne Prime offering.

According to the T&C, it is stated that Maxis may at its own discretion limit the quality of video streaming to standard definition during peak hours if the data usage exceeds 300GB a month. Unlike the fibre connection, Maxis says there’s no guarantee of speed for the 4G connection as it depends on mobile data coverage. Nevertheless, 300GB is still a lot and you can use it for free until your fibre connection is installed.

If you’re interested, you can register your details on Maxis’ home fibre broadband page.

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