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Comparison of AutoCount’s two most common Remote Cloud

The COVID-19 pandemic affects every business company, including the way business, operates. More and more employers in Malaysia are calling for their workers to operate from home as part of efforts to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Enabling a virtual workplace is one way to help keep workers, neighbourhoods and consumers safe.

Our company has many years of experience with remote cloud services and we can provide remote deployment solutions. When assessing Work From Home with your AutoCount, you need to consider the methods used for the connectivity. You should read 4 of AutoCount’s Best Remote Cloud Applications to better understand the methods used to provide remote access.

AutoCount Internet service and Remote Cloud connection are the two most popular remote cloud services. Both methods use different networking techniques and that they can perform different in speed communications. We created a video to show the speed comparison for both methods.

Test Result

AutoCount Internet service uses direct data transfer between the server and the remote computer. For example, it involves transmitting of debtor and item details from the server to issue invoices. When the invoice is being saved, the data will be returned to keep in the server. This way will improve security for all computers, but at the same time it will slow down the data transmission.

While the Remote Cloud connection uses the Microsoft RD protocol to conduct server computing. This approach would significantly improve the flow of the data stream, as all processing will be done on the server. In contrast, Remote Cloud connection has lower security concerns, such as being easily targeted for Ransomware. However, with our experience, we can help set up a more secure connection layer.

The test results of our comparison show that the speed of the Remote Cloud connection is faster. We recommend using a Remote Cloud connection to remotely access AutoCount software. This is especially true for users who do intensive accounting work because it will definitely run faster.

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