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Digi customers can claim free Covid-19 insurance

Several insurance companies, takaful operators and even Celcom are already providing COVID-19 coverage or financial aid. However, Digi is providing an option for short-term coverage to their customers for free, albeit only for the first 200,000 customers.

Underwritten by Gibraltar BSN, Digi offers free Covid-19 insurance to customers during the crisis. So, if you already are a Digi customer, you can take the free offer (if you’re still one of the 200,000 customers) by downloading the MyDigi app (Android, iOS) and signing up.

Here’s what the free Covid Cover plan covers:

  • Death benefit – RM20,000
  • Total Permanent Disability (TPD) – RM20,000
  • Additional Accidental Death Benefit – RM20,000
  • Additional Death Benefit for Death due to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), Severe Dengue or Zika Virus Infection – RM20,000
  • Hospital Cash Benefit – RM60 a day

The offer is also only opened until 30th April 2020, or until all the 200,000 free plans have been fully redeemed.

According to Digi, the free insurance coverage is only for the first month. Customers will be informed by SMS or email if they wish to continue, and they get to choose whether they want to buy a package that costs RM5 per month, RM10 per month, or RM20 per month.

For those who didn’t get to redeem the free offer, and also for non-Digi users; you can still pay for the coverage plan, or learn more about it here.

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