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This pocket WiFi provides the “widest” coverage during the MCO

During the Movement Control Order, everyone has to stay at home but not everyone has access to fibre broadband. When it comes to wireless solutions, each telco will perform differently depending on your location. If you need a reliable alternative, Roaming Man could be the solution you’re looking for.

As introduced previously, Roaming Man, the pocket WiFi rental company, currently has a wireless broadband solution for local use. You can rent the unit with either one-month or three-month options and it comes with “unlimited data” with capped high-speed quota. Once you’ve hit your high-speed quota, your speeds will be throttled.

A 30GB plan costs RM65/month or RM170 for 3 months. If you need more quota, you can get 60GB for RM110/month or RM90GB for RM160/month. Obviously, the monthly rates are cheaper if you go for the 3-month option.

With the ongoing MCO, Roaming Man is providing extra free data for its wireless broadband plans. The 30GB plan is now offered with 10GB of extra data, while the 60GB plan comes with 20GB extra. Meanwhile, the highest 90GB plan will be bundled with 30GB extra data. This is applicable if you book from 1st to 14th April 2020.

According to the Roaming Man’s website, there are no deposit or upfront fees required and they will provide free delivery to your doorstep. Unlike typical wireless broadband solutions from individual telcos, this solution uses a cloud SIM which has access to Celcom, Digi and Maxis.

Each time you switch on the pocket WiFi, it will connect to the telco that has the strongest signal. If suddenly the connectivity isn’t good, you can just restart the device to switch to another operator automatically. In summary, it’s like access to 3 telcos in one solution but you only need to subscribe to a single package.

Of course, your experience will greatly depend on the performance of the three telcos at your home. If all three telcos are bad in your area, there’s nothing much you can do.

With this promo, you can get a total of 40GB (30GB + 10GB) high-speed data a month at RM170 for a period of 3 months (about RM56.67/month). For power users, you can enjoy 120GB (90GB + 30GB) data a month at RM400 for a period of 3 months (about RM133/month).

To learn more, you can check out the Roaming Man’s mobile broadband page.

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