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U Mobile: Stay at home and enjoy double hotspot quota

To curb the spread of COVID-19, all Malaysians are told to stay at home during the two-week Movement Control order. To keep you informed and entertained, U Mobile is doubling its hotspot data quota for free starting from today.

According to U Mobile, the “Hottest Spot” campaign is applicable for prepaid GX38, postpaid GX50, GX68, Unlimited Hero P99 and Unlimited Hero P139 plans. With more people staying indoors, the hotspot data can be shared with your family members or housemates.

U Mobile double hotspot data

If you’re on GX38 prepaid, you’ll receive 6GB of hotspot data while GX50 and GX68 postpaid users will get 10GB of hotspot data. Meanwhile, Unlimited Hero P99 users will get 60GB of hotspot data and P139 users will receive a whopping 100GB of data for hotspot use.

This U Mobile double hotspot campaign will be running from 19th March until 31st March 2020. For Unlimited Hero P99 and P139 customers, you can add a data share supplementary line for RM20/month, and they will also get to share the hotspot data quota without being in the same home.

According to U Mobile CMO, Jasmine Lee, U Mobile is aware that their customers’ hotspot usage will increase during the nationwide movement control period. As a telco that is committed to responding to the needs of its customers and in these challenging times, they want to ease their customers’ connectivity concerns by doubling their hotspot quota for free.

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