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Boost eWallet on Samsung Pay appears to work differently from PayWave

[ UPDATE 16/3/2020 15:00 ] Boost is now supported on Samsung Pay. Here’s how to activate it.

As spotted earlier, Boost is expected to be the first eWallet to be supported on Samsung Pay in Malaysia. Ahead of its official announcement, Samsung Malaysia has dropped another clue and it reveals how you can pay with Boost eWallet on the Samsung Pay interface.

If you look at the screen interface on the tweet, it appears to be using QR code to make and receive payments. This tells us that it doesn’t use Near Field Communication (NFC) or Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) and you could only use the QR code at existing Boost eWallet merchants.

As a comparison, GrabPay’s Samsung Pay implementation in Singapore allows you to use it as a normal credit and debit card. This is made possible as users can request for a virtual MasterCard that’s linked to their eWallet balance. Initially, we were hoping that Boost will offer a similar solution since they are a partner of UnionPay and this could increase its acceptance at retail outlets that accept contactless payment cards.

On the flip side, using Samsung Pay for Boost could still provide a seamless experience as you can access your QR code with just a simple swipe in any user interface without launching the Boost app. Samsung also offers biometric verification with either facial or fingerprint recognition.

In the future, eWallet users can soon use their QR code with even more merchants via DuitNow QR. This is a national unified QR code which allows merchants to accept QR payments from any participating eWallet and online banking apps.

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