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Is U Mobile Giler Unlimited GX68 postpaid plan capped at 50GB?

U Mobile had recently introduced its Giler Unlimited GX68 postpaid plan that offers unlimited data at full speeds for RM68/month. As a comparison, the older GX50 plan is cheaper at RM50/month but the speeds are capped at 5Mbps. Similar to the GX50 postpaid plan, the GX68 also comes with unlimited calls to all networks and 5GB of hotspot data.

Recently, a Facebook post had called for a boycott of U Mobile claiming that the GX68 plan is misleading. It claims that the unlimited postpaid plan actually comes with a 50GB quota and it included what appears to be a screencap of an internal system that shows 51,200MB for the Unlimited Data GX68 service.

U Mobile GX68 screenshot

According to U Mobile, they are aware of the Facebook post and it strongly refutes such claims while insisting that its new GX68 plan has no data quota limit and no speed caps. It added that customers can rest assured that its new postpaid plan is truly unlimited.

Commenting on the shared image, U Mobile says that it is from a 3rd party. The telco added that the number only represents a placeholder and it is not a reflection of what is actually being offered. As an introductory promo, the GX68 plan is currently going for RM58/month, which is RM10 off.

According to U Mobile’s T&C for Unlimited GX68, the plan is offered for smartphone usage and not for MiFi and USB dongles. When it comes to video, users can enjoy unlimited streaming in standard definition while Peer-to-Peer (P2P) usage is capped up to 64kbps.

It is also worth pointing out that a 50GB Fair Usage Policy was previously reported by Lowyat.NET for U Mobile’s Giler Unlimited GX30 and GX50 sometime in November last year. U Mobile had acknowledged there’s a FUP in place to tackle abuses but there’s no mention that the 50GB FUP is actually enforced.

[ UPDATE 15/02/2020 18:00 ] U Mobile has highlighted that the FUP for GX30 and GX50 have been removed.

Are you on any of U Mobile’s Giler Unlimited plans? Let us know your experience so far with the plan.

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