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U Mobile adds two Giler Unlimited data plans with faster speeds

U Mobile has announced two new Giler Unlimited plans that aim to provide unlimited data at an unbeatable price. After its introduction in June 2018, U Mobile is stepping things up with faster data and you can enjoy lower subscription rates if you sign up during the promo period.

GX38 Prepaid

Improving over the current GX30, the new GX38 prepaid offers unlimited data for RM38/month. Instead of being capped at 3Mbps, the GX38 offers twice the speed at 6Mbps.

If you need to unlock faster speeds, you can add a RM5 Data Booster 5 which give you 10GB of high-speed data that’s valid for 14 days. Similar to the GX30, voice calls are still not included and it also comes with 3GB of hotspot quota.

GX68 Postpaid

For postpaid, there’s the new GX68 that costs RM68/month. Similar to GX50, the plan offers unlimited data, unlimited calls and 5GB of hotspot data. For an extra RM18/month, the plan lets you enjoy unlimited data at uncapped 4G speeds instead of being limited to just 5Mbps.

As a time-limited offer, those that sign up during the promo period will only need to pay RM35/month for GX38 and RM58/month for life for GX68. The new Giler Unlimited plans are available from 13th February 2020 at all U Mobile stores throughout Malaysia.

More details are expected to be available on U Mobile’s website tomorrow.

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