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Going Cashless with Touch & Go eWallet

These days, eWallets are being accepted at such a fast pace. As not everyone has access to credit and debit cards, eWallet allows consumers of mobile devices to pay for their purchase.

What’s eWallet?

E-wallets are like credit cards that work on your smartphone. You transfer money to a virtual wallet and then use it to pay for goods and services. These functions are different for eWallet providers. It is planned to reduce the need to carry cash or credit cards in order to make our daily lives easier and more convenient for any physical purchase. Smartphones are actually serving as a connection to a cashless community.

You should start using an e-wallet in Malaysia because the e-wallet is simple and convenient. Let’s take a look at some of the other benefits below

Cash Back and Promotions

The first reason you should use e-wallet today in Malaysia is for its cash back and promotions. Whenever there is good competition in the market, customers profit more, and now is the prime moment.

For example, Boost App from Axiata is one of the eWallet provider that aggressively promote apps through cash and lucky drawing for users. Touch and Go TNG eWallet is also one of the only e-wallets to provide monthly cash back and discounts on all transactions.

pay with touch and go
Pay with Touch and Go


Since most eWallets allow you to connect your credit card or debit card, they provide more opportunities for consumers to purchase indirectly with credit cards.

You can turn your regular purchase of cash, such as a purchase groceries at Speedmart 99, into a purchase from a credit card. This will earn you more cash back rewards and free reward points. That’s one reason why our shop is increasing in the eWallet spending.

touch and go qr code
Our business Touch and Go QR code

For small companies that do not own a credit card machine, their business may register with e-Wallet service providers in order to accept payment via an e-Wallet transaction. It’s a win-win situation because it generates more sales for businesses, and saves more for consumers.


Cashless shopping can be more convenient. If you are thinking about choosing a provider, you can consider these 3 providers: Touch and Go, Boost and GrabPay as approved providers of e-Tunai Rakyat. As Top up your wallet before making any payment, because the sale is instantaneous.

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