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Yes 4G curbs data abusers on its Konfem Unlimited plan

Early this year, Yes has introduced its Konfem Unlimited postpaid plan that offers unlimited data from RM49/month. The 4G LTE telco has recently revealed that a number of users were found abusing its unlimited service and as a result, they are taking proactive steps to manage allocated bandwidth to limit excessive usage.

According to the telco, the Konfem Unlimited Plan is designed to offer the best unlimited mobile experience but they have discovered unfair and non-legitimate usage by a few subscribers which violated their terms and condition of use. This includes using P2P applications and non-mobile usage.

As expected, some were not too happy about the announcement and have accused Yes for not honouring its “unlimited” promise. Some even alleged that Yes has implemented a daily cap of 2GB.

To recap, the Konfem Unlimited Plan comes in three unlimited options that offer different speed caps. The base RM49/month plan has a speed cap of 5Mbps while the RM79/month option lets you enjoy faster speeds of up to 7Mbps. The highest RM99/month lets you enjoy unlimited data with no speed caps. You can get extra monthly rebates if you sign up for the plan with a 12-month contract.

Unlike most typical postpaid offering, the Konfem Unlimited plans do not come with hotspot or tethering. This was mentioned on the product page as well as their FAQ.

Bandwidth management aimed at curbing errant and unfair abusers

We’ve reached out to Yes for clarification and they told us that a segment of their highest network abusers can consume over 600GB of data on a monthly basis. According to the telco, this excessive consumption is mathematically impossible on a mobile device unless engaging in violation of the terms and conditions by using it for P2P or for non-mobile device usage. In some instances, some users were found to consume over 100GB in a single day.

Yes highlights that they do not impose Fair Usage Policy across the board and the proactive bandwidth management is only aimed at curbing errant, unfair and non-legitimate usage by a few subscribers. The increase of P2P usage and for non-mobile purposes compromises the experience for the vast majority of their subscribers.

When we asked Yes if they are implementing a daily cap, they told us that this isn’t true. The telco says they are committed to providing the best unlimited mobile data experience while having a sustainable value for their subscribers year on year.

Are you currently on Yes Konfem Unlimited postpaid? Let us know your experience so far in the comments below.

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