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G Suite rolls out real-time grammar and spelling autocorrect for Gmail

Google is rolling out an update to G Suite users that improves grammar and spelling checks for Gmail. While Gmail has spell-check equipped on the current version, the update will mean that errors can now be automatically be corrected as you write—previously, this had to be manually enabled and corrections had to be done in an editing mode.

With the new update, Google says that corrections—powered by machine learning—appear as you type out an email. “Common spelling mistakes” will be rectified without users having to click anything. Besides that, it will also detect incorrect verb tense usage as well as other grammatical errors.

Spelling errors will be highlighted with a red underline, and changes that are automatically made will be highlighted with a grey underline so that users can be aware of automatic changes made. For grammatical corrections, “a squiggly blue line will appear under the phrase as you write it. You can choose to accept the suggestion by clicking it.”

“If you’re working against deadlines to write a lot of emails daily, correct spelling and grammar probably isn’t top of mind. These capabilities can also help you write and edit with more confidence if you’re a non-native speaker. With our AI-first approach, you can communicate smarter and faster, without sweating the small stuff.”

Google says that the update is rolling out today, and will be made available to all G Suite users over the next few weeks. At the moment, the feature is only available to English users, and users that aren’t too keen on autocorrect can opt to disable the feature by heading to Settings > General > Grammar, Spelling, or Autocorrect.

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