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Version 1.9.1 Support for Malaysia SST

AutoCount has released AutoCount Accounting version 1.9.1 for SST updates. AutoCount Accounting 1.9 users can enjoy free download update from here and click here to learn how to upgrade.

For AutoCount Accounting 1.9 users who are not SST taxable person, you are encouraged to update to SST version. With the latest update, the system will EMPTY the tax code for any document dated 01 Sep 2018 onwards.

For users of AutoCount Accounting 1.8/1.9 who are not SST Taxable Person, and decided not to do the upgrade, you need to remove the system default tax codes. Click here to learn how to remove existing default GST tax code.

Goods and Service Tax (Repeal) Act 2018

All GST Registrants are required to submit the GST-03 Return on the final taxable period and make full payment for the amount of tax payable in connection with the supply, for the last taxable period within 120 days from 01/09/2018 (before 29/12/2018). That means regardless of your taxable period (1 month or 3 months), GST will end at 31/8/2018. Click here to refer the following schedule.

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