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Employment Insurance System (EIS) in AutoCount Payroll

EIS will start to implement from 1st January 2018. Employer are required to manage and submit EIS contributions to SOCSO. Both employers and employees are required to contribution 0.2% of their monthly wages. The table of contribution rate can be refer here. For more other information related to latest EIS information can be found at

AutoCount Guide on Employment Insurance System (EIS)

The latest AutoCount Payroll 2.9 added a new checkbox – “Pay EIS” under employee maintenance (Employee ==> Payroll Info). This checkbox will be used to define whether the employee need to contribute to EIS. If this checkbox is ticked, EIS contribution will be calculated according to contribution table during payroll process, refer image below

Checkbox setup for EIS in AutoCount Payroll


System’s pay slip reports are ready with EIS contribution for employer and employee. Please refer image below

Pay Slip with EIS information

According to the Act, all employees are covered under EIS, except the following:

  • Employees with age below 18
  • Employees with age 60 and above
  • Employees with age 57 and above and never contribute to EIS
  • Foreign workers
  • Others as stated by the act.

For those employees who are not required to pay EIS, simply untick “Pay EIS” checkbox under employee maintenance.

Note: For those users upgrade from older version, all employees will default check the “Pay EIS” excepts for foreigners.

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