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AutoCount Payroll 2.9


1. Update PCB 2018
– Individual income tax rate is decreased by 2 percentage points for 3 chargeable income bands.

2. New Employment Insurance System (EIS)
– Include EIS contribution into payroll process
– All default pay slip and related reports are enhanced to support EIS
For further details, please refer to the AutoCount Guide on Employment Insurance System (EIS).

3. Update the following form / reports:
– Income Tax EA – 2017
– Income Tax EA – 2017 (Longer Addr Field)
– Income Tax EA – English 2017
– Income Tax CP 8D – 2017


  • Re-register each of your payroll database at File ==> Register Payroll Database before proceed on with payroll processing. (Note: If you do not re-register with new license code, then you can’t create payroll.)
  • Latest Payroll Version is only available to user with yearly subscription. Click here to purchase yearly subscription.
  • Guide on Employment Insurance System (EIS) in AutoCount Payroll 2.9 can be found here.
  • Download the latest AutoCount Payroll here.



The updated version AutoCount Payroll 2.9.1 with new EIS export in Socso Borang 8A.

Click to print Sosco Borang 8A on left Report Task Panel, or go to Payroll ==> Government Reports ==> Socso – Borang 8A. There are 3 methods to export EIS details;

  1. Export EIS Excel File – Directly export in raw Excel Format.
  2. Export EIS Text File – Generate TXT text file for upload purpose in Assists Perkeso.
  3. Copy EIS to Clipboard – copy to clipboard and use to paste in Lampiran 1.


  1. Kho Shu yen

    I understand as for the sosco can go to maintenance to edit the table but EIS can’t I just manual keep in for the company. Thank you

  2. kho shu yen

    if i tick the EIS then amount for employee and employment will show. As the all the amount for EIS pay by the employment the employee no need deduction.

    So i wonder how to edit the payroll for EIS only pay by company and employee deduction is 0. Thank you

    • admin

      The EIS is like Socso, the contribution pay by employee and employer. If you decided to reimburse it, then just create allowance to pay to your employee. Anyhow the system will still recorded the deduction from employee to facilitate submission to Socso

  3. kho shu yen

    i already purge the transaction create again but the EIS in the company still in blank, i will keep in manually only as still have no solution for it. Thank you for you help.

    • admin

      The EIS for employee and employer will auto calculated by system. Please check if your settings are same with this screen here. I suggest you to contact with your dealer for them to troubleshoot for you

  4. kho shu yen

    i enable the EIS but as the company EIS the amount didn’t came out. I need to manual keep in the amount. Have other way to ask the system to have the amount auto? Thank you for quick reply

    • admin

      Yes the amount is suppose auto calculated by system. You can try open your payroll, choose the employee name, and click reset. You can also try to purge your transaction and create again

  5. kho shu yen

    As the Boss pay all the amount of EIS how can i change the setting? As for sosco can go to change at the table but the EIS where can i change it. Thank you

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