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AutoCount Accounting Version 1.8.28


This version of AutoCount Accounting is a maintenance release for version 1.8.

Bugs Fixed and Minor Enhancement

Among the newer bugs fixed and minor enhancement introduced in AutoCount Accounting version 1.8 are:
(From oldest to latest)

  1. Fix Bug: Fix an issue where a user without the View Cost Access Right was able to view cost in Credit Note.
  2. Enhancement: Add Tax Export Country and Tax Permit Number to the Range Set functionality in invoicing documents.
  3. Fix Bug: Fix a bug which cause the system to be unable to Update BOM Item Cost for item code that contains the symbol ‘
  4. Fix Bug: Fix the issue where user is unable to update the delivery address in the Gift Rule document.
  5. Fix Bug: Fix the smallest quantity for POS type transaction being incorrect in Multi-Dimensional Sales Analysis.
  6. Fix Bug: Change the ES43 tax code wording to IES tax code in the GST Processor Wizard.
  7. Enhancement: Add page numbers for GST-03 form.
  8. Fix Bug: Fix a bug in which the wrong value is used when calculating the To Bank Charge Tax Currency Rate.
  9. Fix Bug: Fix the issue where for the local tax adjustment, would be posted wrongly to the ledger when the home currency is different with the tax base currency.
  10. Fix Bug: Fix an issue where the system is unable to inquire in the Document Item Transaction report when there is data that contains inclusive tax document with zero quantity.
  11. Enhancement: Add Full Transfer Option 3 event scripting for invoicing document.
  12. Fix Bug: Fix the ESC key function in the BOM Optional Maintenance Screen.
  13. Fix Bug: Fix an issue where the Recalculate Sales Document Costing function unable to work for certain item.
  14. Fix Bug: Fix the issue where the UDF field for Branch becomes blank when doing a Debtor Code or Creditor Code or Branch Code change.
  15. Fix Bug: Fix calculate correct PE DeMinimis rule in GST Instant Info when disable PE module.
  16. Fix Bug: Fix the bug where user is unable to import journal entry from third party XML.
  17. Enhancement: Support Change UOM Rate for POS.
  18. Fix Bug: Fix ARAP and GL document didn’t auto update currency rate and tax currency rate after change document date.
  19. Fix Bug: Fix ARAP Payment, Refund & Deposit document calculate and post wrong bank charge and bank charge tax amount
  20. Fix Bug: Fix an SQL Timeout error when inquiring Stock Card report with Consignment Transaction.
  21. Fix Bug: Fix a bug in Stock Transfer where it is unable to save after editing the date and deleting 1 of the item in the document.
  22. Fix Bug: Fix wrong calculation on outstanding amount for foreign currency revaluation and unrealized gain loss document when debtor/creditor make payment with different currency.
  23. Enhancement: Support customize application script for debtor and creditor aging by agent report.
  24. Enhancement: Add creditor company name in column chooser for cash book imported goods.
  25. Enhancement: Add drill down source document for cash book imported goods.
  26. Fix Bug: Fix the sudden appearance of the View Source Document button at column chooser when right clicking the sub bank recon grid view.
  27. Fix Bug: Fix the issue where View Cost Access Right is not working with the Detail Listing Reports.
  28. Fix Bug: Fix the bug where discontinued items are still able to be selected under Range Set.
  29. Fix Bug: Fix a bug in Create Account Book Wizard where changing the system currency code to SGD will automatically select GST.
  30. Enhancement: A check for POS transaction will be done during upgrade before the prompt to post all POS transactions into price history table will be shown.
  31. Fix Bug: Rename the Sex column to Gender column and fix the issue where the column doesn’t show any value for Member Listing Report.
  32. Enhancement: Split Partial Exemption GST expenses and annual adjustment account number to TX-RE and TX-ES.
  33. Fix Bug: Fix the issue where item package quantity does not follow the decimal setting for purchase document.
  34. Enhancement: Remove the default lock for Must Specify Tax Type setting for Singapore account book.
  35. Enhancement: Include POS DeptNo and ProjNo columns into the MultiDimensionalSalesAnalysis and ProfitLossOfDocument reports.
  36. Fix Bug: Fixed the negative subtotal doesn’t appear in GST on DO issue.
  37. Fix Bug: Fix missing Show Tax Summary under DO.
  38. Fix Bug: Fix the issue where LastModifiedUserID and LastModified does not update after data is edit for Member Maintenance.
  39. Fix Bug: Fix a bug that causes user to be unable to change item UOM rate when POS is not installed.
  40. Fix Bug: Fix the item package maintenance gridview which doesn’t refresh when applying an edit or delete.
  41. Fix Bug: Fix the missing item location for POS transaction bug in Multi-Dimensional Sales Analysis report.
  42. Fix Bug: Fix unable to show price history report criteria when call by API.
  43. Enhancement: Add error message for Change User ID to block current login user ID from changing.
  44. Fix Bug: Fix untick transferable detail item is still showing in outstanding detail listing report.
  45. Fix Bug: Fix the missing access right for drill down in inquiry serial number transaction.
  46. Fix Bug: Fix a bug in cash book where it is unable to save RCHQ transactions.
  47. Fix Bug: Fix a bug in Stock Balance where the auto filter row is unable to search as a word and instead only allows for single character search.
  48. Fix Bug: Fix a bug in ARAP Deposit where the bank trans and ledger amount is inconsistent.
  49. Fix Bug: Fix a bug in Cash Sale where Selected Item Description Area does not show information.
  50. Fix Bug: Fix the bug where FocQty is not editable.
  51. Fix Bug: Fix a bug in Sales Order Document Listing Print Count column which requires a re-inquiry to get a result.
  52. Fix Bug: Fix a bug in Serial Number dialog where the Note field is not cleared or made empty when a different Serial Number Item is keyed.
  53. Fix Bug: Fix a bug which cause user to be unable to open account book registration form.
  54. Fix Bug: Fix a bug where the wrong info for accounting edition is shown.
  55. Fix Bug: Fix a bug where the Debtor and Creditor Control Account Currency Rate can be changed even if already having transaction.
  56. Enhancement: Add debtor and creditor agent column for load payment data API.
  57. Enhancement: Add agent filter parameter for initial sales and purchase partial full transfer method API.
  58. Fix Bug: Fix a bug where it is unable to untick the returned cheque option under cash sales multi payment.
  59. Enhancement: update to the latest grab custom gst status web component id.
  60. Enhancement: Add tax date to report option in Tax Transaction Audit Trail Listing.
  61. Fix Bug: Fix the issue where when the item inquiry price history tab is first loaded in the form, it is not controlled by access right.
  62. Fix Bug: Fix an issue where when using bar code to enter an item, it will jump to the UDF tab immediately for Stock Receive.
  63. Enhancement: Add On Hand Qty and On Hand Qty After CSGN to the partial transfer grid.
  64. Enhancement: Allow to edit in the grid of Price Category, Customer and Supplier for the old version of Item Maintenance.
  65. Fix Bug: Fix the Preview Report and click Send by email did not capture email address from Debtor Maintenance for Cash Sale.
  66. Enhancement: Add sort on Price Category, Debtor Code and Creditor Code for old version of Item Maintenance.
  67. Fix Bug: Fix incorrect Reversed Journal Voucher No issue.
  68. Fix Bug: Fix an issue in AR & AP Deposit where the Command form Outstanding column can be edited.
  69. Fix Bug: Fix incorrect posting imported services and approved toll manufacturer scheme amount from AP invoice document.
  70. Fix Bug: Fix the ability to delete AR & AP CN that is generated from AR & AP Payment.
  71. Enhancement: Allow sorting in Set Access Right Group.
  72. Fix Bug: Add a system user AOTG for AutoCount On The Go to help fix login issues for AutoCount On The Go users.
  73. Fix Bug: Fix the ARAP knock off negative document detail with different currency rate posting to GL one cent issue.
  74. Fix Bug: Fix keep run default document running number in Stock Assembly issue.
  75. Fix Bug: Fix the issue where system will clear out other Item Serial Number if the Serial Number is the same in the Clear No Transaction Serial Number.
  76. Fix Bug: Fix an issue where unit price can be change from Range Set even without Access Rights.
  77. Fix Bug: Fix an issue where the Withholding Tax in Cash Book Receipt Voucher Tax Code being wrongly loaded.
  78. Fix Bug: Fix Tax Document No will automatic reset after add item.
  79. Fix Bug: Fix a bug in Project & Department Maintenance where moving multiple project or department and saving it will cause only the first changes to save.
  80. Fix Bug: Fix a bug in Outstanding Listing reports where it will show duplicate full transfer record when the completed print option is applied.
  81. Fix Bug: Fix some message sentences for User Maintenance.
  82. Fix Bug: Fix GainLoss amount currency rate does not follow the invoice date.
  83. Fix Bug: Fix the object reference issue when clicking Show Auto Filter Row in Purchase documents.
  84. Fix Bug: Fix the Invoice Transfer from SO or DO where the Group Discount would enter the wrong Account No information.
  85. Fix Bug: Fix the bug where AR Deposit No get deleted when running year end.
  86. Enhancement: Add Overdue Letter Report scripting support.
  87. Fix Bug: Fix an issue where the wrong tax amount in GLDTL is posted for Journal Entry when the amount is zero.
  88. Fix Bug: Fix an issue when user key in zero payment amount, the save function hangs.
  89. Fix Bug: Fix the bug where the system is unable to process ARAP bad debt index when creating a new GST processor.
  90. Fix Bug: Fix unable to change user defined data type size when sql function contains user defined data type.
  91. Fix Bug: Fix the Item Package “Active” field not displaying the correct value.
  92. Enhancement: Add 3 new IRAS tax code.
  93. Enhancement: Amend GST F5 report.
  94. Enhancement: Add a checking at entry form that does not allow for document to save when using the 3 new tax code before the doc date of 1st January 2019.

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