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Properly Apply Computer Thermal Paste

Computer heat management is important to consider in maintaining your computer. Too much heat can cause your computer become unstable, and if for overclocking then it is even an important issue. Plan for the air flow is important, next is how to use thermal paste correctly.

Thermal paste is a type of heat transferring agent that serves to fill in the gaps that naturally occur when two flat metal surfaces such as your CPU and cooler are pressed against one another. A good thermal paste can better transfer heat from the CPU and cooler, and greatly increases performance.

Choose proper thermal paste

Most of the basic computer thermal grease compounds contain heat conductors such as silver or ceramic. This type of compounds have a more efficient heat transmission and with different thermal conductivity level.

The comparison of thermal conductivity can be measured by the w/m-k (Watts per meter-Kelvin). If a material has a value of 1, it means a 1m cube of material will transfer heat at a rate of 1 watt for every degree of temperature difference between opposite faces. The lower this value is, the less heat the material will transfer.

Generally thermal conductivity not less than 1.5w/m-k is good for ordinary desktops, 3.0w/m-k is good for ordinary laptops. For overclocking computer, you should not use thermal conductivity less than 5.0w/m-k.

Prepare the CPU and cooler

For computer older than 2 years, they are likely to have harden thermal paste. As it dries out over time, and you lost thermal transfer between your CPU and cooler. So the first order is to clean off the old thermal material. Wipe both the CPU and cooler’s surface with a clean cotton cloth until both are totally clean.

Apply the thermal paste

Next, apply a dot of thermal paste directly onto the center of your CPU. Your dot should be about the size of 1/3 CPU. Then take your cooler and press it straight down onto the CPU so that the thermal paste spreads evenly in all directions.

Note that do not do this more than once because every time you lift up the cooler, you risk adding more air bubble gap into the thermal paste, which will lower you coolers efficiency.

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