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Claim GST input tax from hypermarket

GST registered person can claim Input tax from purchase from hypermarket such as Aeon Jusco, Tesco, 99 Speedmart etc. Purchased must have been acquired in the course or furtherance of the business, means for business purposes.

Most of these retailers will issue simplified tax invoice, which does not have the name and address of the recipient. This simplified tax invoice can be use to claim not more than RM500 taxable supply (RM30 GST). If the recipient wants to claim amount of input tax of over RM30 GST, then he must request for his name and address to be included in the simplified tax invoice.

Simply walk to their customer service counter and request for full tax invoice.

aeon jusco receipt
Sample of simplified Tax Invoice from Aeon Jusco. This image copied from AEON’s website


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