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Manage Fiscal Year

To manage business fiscal year, you go to Tools ==> Manage FIscal Year. Here you see all fiscal year under your account book. Most of you might misunderstand the current year check mark.

The current year check mark shows your account book’s current year. This picture taken on 2017.

The example above shows the account book’s current year was 2014. All transaction include opening balance fall on 1st Jan 2014. Any previous fiscal year is consider as past transactions.

Most user of UBS software will ask how to do year end closing. In AutoCount, you do not need to do year end closing to continue or move on to new fiscal years. However, you may choose to run Year End Closing for the following reasons:

– to reduce the size of a particular account book (as all old data will be purged from the account book)

– to change current fiscal year


    • admin

      You need to delete all “previous fiscal year” and “new next fiscal year”, left only year 2009. You can then edit the fiscal year to year 2008. Bear in mind this way will also change your opening balance

  1. Brandon

    Why when I try to create transactions it will prompt me an error when I select my date in year 2016? Do I need to update my Autocount license to create 2016 transactions?

    • admin

      Hi, please check if you create fiscal year 2016 in your account book. If not please create a “New Previous Fiscal Year”

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