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GST Adjustment

Most of us will notice that some GST bills amount were different during entry in AutoCount. A GST adjustment is required when there is a different in GST amount. This could happen because software used different GST rounding method.

Take for example, you buy 3 pieces t-shirt each at RM20 inclusive GST. The GST for each t-shirt is RM1.13. Three pieces is suppose RM3.39, but when you entry into AutoCount you will notice the GST shows RM3.40.

The GST for one piece of t-shirt is RM1.13
Three pieces GST calculated as RM3.40


Some software are using Single Line Rounding method, in AutoCount it used Whole Document Rounding method. This method in which the rounding is applied only after the total of the document is calculated.

Single Line Rounding : RM20 x 6/106 = RM1.13 x 3 = RM3.39

Whole Document Rounding : RM20 x 6/106 = RM1.1320 x 3 = RM3.40

If you were entry this type of bill, simply adjust the different in GST adjustment column in the Grid. For example the case above, you will need to type -0.01 in GST adjustment to make it same with your original document.


    • admin

      Hi Jane, please right click on the grid title bar and choose “Column Chooser”. Find the “GST Adjustment” and drag it out into your title bar, and you’ll see it there

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