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AutoCount Gift Rule

You can easily manage your Malaysia GST Gift Rule with AutoCount software. This available for all edition of AutoCount software. The AutoCount Gift Rule allows user to keep record of the amount of gift given out to someone. The system will generate Journal Entry if the accumulated gift amount exceed RM500 per year that given to same person.

You only allow user to edit the latest Gift Rule transaction for same person. This is to avoid any miscalculation of gift amount that generate the Journal Entry. To create a new gift rule click GST ==> Gift Rule ==> New

  1. Select debtor name or type manually in column.
  2. Type in Document Date (purchase date).
  3. Type in Gift Description (e.g. Chinese New Year Hamper)
  4. Type in Gift Total Amount (amount exclusive GST)
GST AutoCount Gift Rule
On 18/1/2017, there was gift given amount RM200. On 22/1/2017, another gift given amount RM2200. Therefore the system will generate Journal Entry to record for the GST on Gift Rule.


AutoCount GST Gift Rule
Message prompt if total amount of gift exceed RM500.

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