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AutoCount Accounting Version 1.8.18 Release Note


This version of AutoCount Accounting is a maintenance release for version 1.8. Some of the improvements implemented in this version are:

  1. Addition of the Is Tax Registered field for Debtor
  2. Function to fix Primary Key errors
  3. Addition of Supply/Purchase to A/R CN, A/R DN, A/P CN A/P DN

Improvements Introduced

Addition of the Is Tax Registered field for Debtor

A new field is introduced in the Debtor maintenance for this version of AutoCount Accounting. The field, named as Is Tax Registered, is a field that users must maintain if they wish to claim the Bad Debt Relief of outstanding invoices for that debtor. As such, after upgrading to this version of AutoCount Accounting, users will be greeted with an information window specifying how many debtors that do not have this field set (as shown below).

The information message that will show, notifying how many debtors are in the unknown status for the Is Tax Registered

The debtor has an unknown status for the Is Tax Registered field

The debtor is not tax registered

The debtor is tax registered

When specifying that a particular debtor is tax registered, users must also specify the tax registration number of the debtor before saving. A further check is also done to ensure that the entered tax registration number complies with the correct length, which is 12 characters long.

When Is Tax Registered is set to true but no Tax Registration Number is set, this message will show up.

If the tax registration is of not correct length, this reminder is shown.

If in the event of the user forgetting to set the Is Tax Registered status of the debtor, when running the GST Processor, the system will check for the status before allowing the wizard to run. If it founds that there are unknown status in the system, it will prompt for the user to maintain the status especially if the debtor has an outstanding invoice that could be claimed as bad debt relief.

The Is Tax Registered check done before starting the GST Processor wizard. If all debtors have been set to a known state (either registered or not) this check will be bypassed.

If the debtor is not a tax registered debtor, their outstanding invoices that falls under the bad debt relief period will not be shown in the Manage Bad Debt wizard following the DG decision which is the debtor must be a GST registered person for the bad debt relief to be claimable.

Function to Fix Primary Key errors

A new fix function has been added into the AutoCount Accounting Management Studio program in this version of AutoCount Accounting. The function, named as Fix Internal Key, will check the integrity of all the internal keys used by AutoCount by comparing the current maximum value of the keys with the current system value as well as fixing it if there is discrepancy between them. The reason for the inclusion of this fix function is to help users fix the Primary Key error that sometimes occur when creating a new document.

To access the fix function, just run the Management Studio program and navigate to the Data Consistency menu.

Accessing the Fix Internal Key function from the Management Studio window

The Fix Internal Key function window after running the fix.

Addition of Supply/Purchase to A/R CN DN, and A/P CN DN

A new field is introduced for the A/R CN, A/R DN, A/P CN and A/P DN detail tables. This field, Supply/Purchase, works similarly to the one previously added in the Journal Entry detail, in that it allows for each detail row for the document to be specified to either an input tax or output tax.

The new Supply/Purchase field in A/R CN

Bugs Fixed and Minor Enhancement

Among the newer bugs fixed and minor enhancement introduced in AutoCount Accounting version 1.8 are:

  1. Enhancement: Enhance Transfers Form to remember maximize screen setting.
  2. Enhancement: Modify allow by pass tax transaction severity for AR DN, AR Invoice, AP DN and AP Invoice.
  3. Enhancement: Update Item Opening’s Serial Number Info when edit manufactured date, expiry date, last sales date, remarks or note field only.
  4. Fix Bug: Fix unable to save after edit master serial number data for Stock Assembly document.
  5. Enhancement: Function to fix internal key for Primary Key errors.
  6. Enhancement: Add Is Tax Registered field for Debtor to identify specific debtor that can do GST Bad Debt.
  7. Enhancement: Add Supply/Purchase field for ARAP DN & CN which allow ARAP Bad Debt to generate input or output tax code.
  8. Fix Bug: Fix unable to reset latest GST Processor after delete ARAP Bad Debt Recovery record in system.
  9. Fix Bug: Correct the Bank Recon’s filter by date “From” date which displays incorrect date when the “To” date is the end of the month.

This is a further update to the official release of version 1.8.18 (Full version is

What’s fixed in this update:

  1. Fix SubTotal value does not tally with Multi Dimensional POS Analysis.
  2. Fix edit column form for Financial Reports move up/move down button does not reflect the Project/Department.
  3. Fix DPI issue in the Options windows.
  4. Fix extra discount issue when add new empty line.
  5. Fix Item Package detail’s batch not having a value when doing Sales or Purchase document transfer.
  6. Remove the license checking control on the tax date to allow current date documents to have future GST dates when using temporary license.
  7. Modify Debtor’s Is Tax Registered field checking so that the checking is no longer rigid.


  1. All plug-ins previously compiled after ver 1.8.8 are fully compatible.
  2. All application script and report script are compatible with ver 1.8.8 and after version.

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