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AutoCount Accounting Version 1.8.16 Release Note


This version of AutoCount Accounting is a maintenance release for version 1.8. Some of the improvements implemented in this version are:

  1. Enhancement in the previous rounding method.
  2. Addition of Inclusive field in Cash Book and Journal Entry detail.
  3. 30 Days Advanced Payment Warning.

Improvements Introduced

Enhancement in the previous rounding method

In an effort to produce a more accurate and consistent figures, the rounding methods available in AutoCount Accounting has been updated. The update has upgraded the Whole Document Rounding Method to version 3 and the Line by Line Rounding Method to version 2. The reason for this enhancement is due to the fact that there is some inaccuracy and inconsistency in figures generated for inclusive tax documents.

For example:
The following image is shows the inconsistency found between the document and the transaction detail screen when comparing the values generated by the Whole Document Rounding version 2.

There is a difference of 1 cent in the figures generated in the document when compared to the figures in the transaction details

In the following image, the previous inconsistency is no longer observed when using the Whole Document Rounding version 3. With the new update, both the figure in the document and the transaction detail screen is now consistent and is no longer inaccurate.

The difference is no longer observable after using the Whole Document Rounding Method version 3

Addition of Inclusive field in Cash Book and Journal Entry detail

A new field is added into both the Cash Book Detail and Journal Entry Detail entry. This field, Inclusive Tax, is added to allow users the capability to simultaneously enter multiple bills of exclusive and inclusive tax type together in one Cash Book or Journal Entry document. To access this field in the respective document entry, the user must drag out the Inclusive Tax column via the Column Chooser menu (accessible by doing a right click on the column header inside the document entry window).

The Inclusive Tax column in the Column Chooser

The Inclusive Tax column in action inside a Journal Entry document

This field is by default controlled by the Master document Inclusive Tax option. As such, if the user changes the master Inclusive Tax option, all detail Inclusive Tax will follow the changes done to the master option. This is also observable when a new detail is added as the new detail will also follow the master inclusive tax option when created. It must be noted that while the master inclusive tax option controls the detail options, the calculation is still based by the detail as if the user changes the detail inclusive tax to be different from that of the master option, the calculation will be change to reflect that change.

30 Days Advanced Payment Warning

A new feature has been added into this version of AutoCount Accounting. This feature, 30 Days Advanced Payment Warning, will cause a warning to be prompt when users try to save an A/R Receive Payment document that is used to knock-off an Invoice that has its document date or knock-off date greater than 30 days of the A/R Receive Payment document date. To access this option, just navigate to the Tools -> Options -> Goods and Services Tax.

The 30 Days Advanced Payment Warning option

The warning message that will be prompt when user try to save the document that violates the 30 days rule

Bugs Fixed and Minor Enhancement

Among the newer bugs fixed and minor enhancement introduced in AutoCount Accounting version 1.8 are:

  1. Enhancement: Add GST Bank Recon reminder message.
  2. Enhancement: Add Imported Goods record in Tax Transaction Audit Trail report.
  3. Fix Bug: Fix wording issue in Confirm Change Tax Trans form.
  4. Enhancement: Change Ctrl+Alt+G shortcut key for GST Instant Infor to Ctrl+Alt+5.
  5. Enhancement: Add ToTaxCurrencyRate to all ARAP and GL Import from Excel template.
  6. Fix Bug: Fix UDF memo type can’t display during view transaction.
  7. Enhancement: Replace TaxableAmt to LocalTaxableAmt for Tax Transaction Audit Trail Report.
  8. Enhancement: Add drill down control for Bank Reconciliation report.
  9. Fix Bug: Fix Stock Detail Listing report Filter Option display error.
  10. Enhancement: Add declaration date for GST Processor.
  11. Fix Bug: Fix bug in write upgrade exception to error log.
  12. Enhancement: Modify Tax Bill Date validation by comparing with Tax Date.
  13. Enhancement: Add write error message to error log file when upgrade account book.
  14. Enhancement: Add can change GST Date access right.
  15. Fix Bug: Correct Median wording to Medium for Tax Transaction Changed Tracking Report.
  16. Enhancement: Add drill down on Tax Transaction Listing Report.
  17. Enhancement: Modify calculate local tax adjustment for APDN.
  18. Enhancement: Extend command time out for upgrade DB.
  19. Enhancement: Use Doc Date to increase next number instead of today’s date for import excel.
  20. Enhancement: Add Self Billed Approval Number for debtor.
  21. Enhancement: Extend Self Billed Approval Number length for PI, CP, Debtor and Creditor table.
  22. Enhancement: Request to have Audit Trail for GST Processor.(ACC-2848)
  23. Enhancement: Enable summary style in submitted Journal Entry when create new account book.
  24. Enhancement: Add Tax Date filter to Tax Transaction Audit Trail report.
  25. Enhancement: Allow Tax Transaction Change Tracking form to be closed by pressing the escape key.
  26. Fix Bug: Fix unable to filter Stock Write Off when export data.
  27. Enhancement: Display tax date info when it is different with the doc date in document entry form.
  28. Enhancement: Prompt tax date form when create new document with tax code in GST Processor period.
  29. Fix Bug: Fix date filtering issue in Tax Transaction Audit Trail form.
  30. Enhancement: Support new Area Code size, from 12 to 50.
  31. Fix Bug: Fix NullReferenceException in Stock Assembly Order entry form.
  32. Enhancement: Add new whole document rounding method 3 and line by line rounding method 2.
  33. Fix Bug: Fix total of taxable amount for line by line rounding method.
  34. Fix Bug: Fix scan barcode with item batch no when merge.
  35. Fix Bug: Fix in Copy from other cash book where Source Type is not null transactions should not appear in the search list.
  36. Fix Bug: Fix sum tax transaction listing report amount grid view display.
  37. Fix Bug: Fix extra discount amount does not calculate according to Indent Group Discount.
  38. Fix Bug: Fix object is null in journal entry when processing currency rate control.
  39. Fix Bug: Fix copy to new document exclude GST Journal Entry dockey.
  40. Enhancement: Show Tax Permit No for Tax Transaction Audit Trail Report.
  41. Fix Bug: Fix issue in GST Detail window where mru items does not work properly in Cash Book Entry and Journal Entry.
  42. Enhancement: Add To / From column, this column maps to debtor / creditor name in A/R and A/P documents, or maps to Cash Book Entry’s Pay To / Receive From column, or maps to Journal Entry’s Description.
  43. Enhancement: Add negative sign to A/R CN, A/P CN, and Supply record in Journal Entry’s detail.
  44. Enhancement: Support Include Empty Tax Code option.
  45. Enhancement: Add 5 cent rounding adjustment for Quotation and Purchase Order.
  46. Enhancement: Modify C/N and D/N list finding invoice filter by Debtor or Creditor code in GST Processor.
  47. Enhancement: Add Is Inclusive Tax field in CBDTL and JEDTL.
  48. Enhancement: Add C/N Reason at A/R and A/P Payment discount.
  49. Enhancement: Add Advanced Payment 30 days rule warning for A/R Payment.
  50. Enhancement: Modify Item Package Inquiry interface to show Item Package Description.
  51. Enhancement: Add amountextax and amountwithtax column in CBDTL.
  52. Enhancement: Add Audit Trail on delete transaction for Stock Assembly Order and Stock Assembly.
  53. Enhancement: Add Bad Debt Credit Sales AccNo for posting Journal Entry.
  54. Fix Bug: Fix divide by zero exception when inquiry Item Profit Margin report.
  55. Enhancement: Enhance return cheque by posting to Tax Trans table.
  56. Enhancement: Support boolean in UDF in Import Stock.
  57. Fix Bug: Fix chkedtAccChqNo control does not bind into database.

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