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AutoCount GST functionality


After several months of development, Auto Count Sdn. Bhd. is proud to announce that finally completed the core Malaysian GST functionality in their flagship software AutoCount Accounting. If you are AutoCount’s user, we advise you to upgrade your AutoCount Accounting installation to take advantage of this major update and make yourself ready for the GST implementation this coming April.

Major Features

  • Easy to setup.
  • Apply GST on all types of transaction, be it Sales, Purchase or Cash Book Transactions.
  • Special function to help generate all the required GST reports for submission. (GST Processor)
  • See all your GST transaction in one report. (GST Transaction Listing)
  • Supports drill down to source document in the GST-03 form
  • Supports all core GST requirement: MSIC code, Manage A/R & A/P Bad Debt Relief, Gift Rule, GST on D/O, GST on Payment (Deposit), and much more!
  • For more information on the price please click here


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