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AutoCount Accounting is SST Compliant

AutoCount Software is a is a market-leading account software solution with strong and stable database at its core, capable of handling all your business operations, analysis, multi-currency and reporting needs.


Easy to configure

Setting AutoCount Software up is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Easy to use

With automatic document generation, you need not to worry.

Complete GST features

Comes with features that complies with the GST rules placed by the RMCD.

POS integration

Fully integrated with AutoCount Point of Sales – POS

autocount express

AutoCount Express 1.9

With minimum accounting knowledge, you can manage your company data with AutoCount Express. The system offer at affordable price with complete with GST features. Price from RM1654

AutoCount Payroll

AutoCount Payroll Cloud ensure the payroll policy is in line with Malaysia labour rules and regulations. The system is user friendly and able to generate comprehensive reports anywhere, anytime. Price from RM57.5 per month for 10 employees

autocount payroll

FAQ for AutoCount version 1.9

Q: How do I set compliances for the latest GST 6% to 0%?

A: We recommend user to performs software upgrade to version 1.9, and this will covers all GST related functions. Click here for the version 1.9 release notes.

Q: Can I use my current version 1.8 for 0% GST?

A: Yes, but will not to be taken as perfect solution to avoid any kind of mistakes and non-compliances. There is article online here, but merely for the purpose of reference.

Q: Do I need to pay for upgrade?

A: Yes, there is charges to upgrade from version 1.8 to version 1.9.

Q: I have valid maintenance support, how much the upgrade?

A: The price is in between RM100 - RM200 depend on your current edition. Click here for the details pricing, or click here to learn how to check your software edition.

Q: My maintenance support has expired, how much the upgrade?

A: Please fill in the form here, and we will email the price to you.

Q: My AutoCount bought from another dealer, can I get upgrade from you?

A: Yes. The upgrade version 1.9 covers unlimited future updates such as new features, improvements and bug fixes of GST and/or SST.

Q: Can I upgrade without signing the maintenance support plan?

A: Yes, you can choose one-time upgrade setup for version 1.9. Any further updates or service is chargeable.

Q: Can I get the license key and install my own?

A: Is not available in retail channel. You can check for online here.

Ready to find out the right edition?

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