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4 Best Remote Cloud Software for AutoCount

More companies are encouraging their staff to work from home during the Covid-19 movement control order. Well before COVID-19 became a factor, more and more people were using remote cloud services to work remotely. This certainly true in the Accounting sector, where small businesses hiring part time and freelance accountant. As a result, users can do account entries or to check their stock balances in a completely seamless manner.

Types of Remote Cloud Services

There are a lot of ways to work remotely on accounting. Some users may choose cloud-based computing such as Quickbook, MYOB. Cloud accounting method is simple and convenient for access to the accounting system, although most of it does not include additional account reports. Upon expiry of the subscription, it may be more difficult to recover data from the cloud service.

Most of the time, the Malaysian company prefers to have accounting software installed on their computer. Many of them feel comfortable holding the data on their platform, and many custom reports and functions can be implemented. As technology advances with remote cloud services, some accounting software used own or third party services to connect remotely.

In AutoCount Accounting, there are several common ways of remote cloud services provided for the ability to use the software remotely. Each services which is different from the other in term of cost, security, and features.

Teamviewer Main Screen
Teamviewer Main Screen


TeamViewer is one of the most convenient remote connection software. The software allows you to access a computer or server remotely and use all of its functionalities. This is commonly used for remote troubleshooting, although some companies use it for remote access to their Accounting software.


  • Free for non-commercial functions
  • Easier to setup
  • Best security standards


  • sharing a single session, will not be able to work independently for both remote user and server
  • if commercial use is suspected, it will close your sessions by some limited time and finally, it stops activating connections
  • The commercial license packages cost a considerable amount.

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AutoCount On The Go
AutoCount On The Go


AutoCount on-the-go (AOTG) was developed by AutoCount. This is a subscription based remote cloud service, billing in every 6 months from RM40/month. Users access AutoCount information remotely via a web browser in any device. This is very convenient especially you can access all information directly from your mobile phone.


  • Mobile friendly, this includes compatibility with touch screen and adapt to different screen sizes
  • Fast speed
  • Useful summaries in one screen
  • Easier to be implemented, no additional firewall, port, DDNS or IIS required


  • Interface look and work differently compare desktop version
  • Some reports and functions may not available in AOTG

AutoCount Internet User

AutoCount Internet User allows users to login to AutoCount Accounting through different networks such as the Internet or VPN connection. It works like Network User, it has controlled the number of concurrent users logging into AutoCount Accounting software. From 25/2/2020, Internet User had been merged together with the usual Network User, meaning users can now login through Network User instead.


  • Users can remotely access by using Network User that included in software
  • Without the use of any 3rd party program


  • Slow processing speed

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Remote Cloud Connection

Remote Cloud Connection is utilizing the standard Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol for Server based computing. Remotely access to Accounting software is much more quickly as software and data are host and process directly on the server side. While you can keep your data on your computer, you will still be able to remotely access the accounting software from anywhere with an Internet connection.


  • Can support multiple software such as AutoCount, SQL, Sage UBS, MYOB, QnE and many more
  • Increased connectivity speed with configuration for single software instead of a whole Windows desktop remotely


  • Vulnerable


Remote Cloud technologies have changed the way Accounting work in today’s business. While remote cloud services can certainly streamline working practices, there are some disadvantages including downtime. When the network is down the entire system is inaccessible so it’s important that your system has a consistency of network and internet connectivity. Choose the best service based on the needs of your requirement.