Step-by-step instructions to learn how to use AutoCount

The AutoCount Video how-to section features training video tutorials that will teach you how to operate various accounting, billing, stock and module functions in AutoCount Accounting software.

01 - AutoCount Introduction
Contents: • Malaysian brand since 1996 • Using .NET and...
02 - AutoCount Common Layout
Contents: • Invoice listing grid • Introduction to Common functions/tool...
03 - AutoCount Common Layout Reports
Contents: • Filtering options (No Filter, Filter By Range, Filter...
03a - AutoCount Common Layout Document Entry
Contents: • Create a new Invoice • Select personal account...
04 - AutoCount First Time Start
Contents: • First time start after fresh installation • How...
05 - AutoCount Manage Account Book
Contents: • Introduction to Database and Account Book • Standalone...
06 - AutoCount Company Profile
Contents: • Maintain company profile • Use of Remark •...
07 - AutoCount Manage Fiscal Year
Contents: • Current Fiscal Year • Edit Fiscal Year •...

How to perform Imported Goods transactions with GST in Three different scenarios

This four videos show how to enter the Imported Goods transactions in Three different scenarios.
1. Pay directly to Custom to clear the Imported Goods
2. Pay to Freight Forwarder that clear the Imported Goods
3. Handling Imported Goods by Forwarder & Third Party Company